Allow Your Dreams to Flourish!

By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Many times, to several people, dreams are never turned into reality because they are allowed to die inside the dreamer, or to be killed by an outside intruder. Nevertheless, all great realizations in the world have normally come about as a result of someone’s persistent dream, one that is taken seriously and carried on into fruition!
Recently I re-read a statement from Robert K. Greenleaf which I had known for sometime, which alludes to this very thing. He had written that “for anything to happen there must be a dream. And for anything great to happen there must be a great dream.”

Some people take their dreams too lightly; they fail to recognize their potential significance both for self and for others. The fact that a new idea is relatively small doesn’t indicate it cannot become big and significant. It’s the dreamer’s task to blend one idea with another, to search for other insights which can amplify the original idea and cause something of value to emerge!

Don’t wait for your dreams to find you, for that may never occur. Instead, go out in search of them, to meet them, and lead them into full fruition! You need to be proactive in dealing with your dreams. To that end your mind must maintain a perpetual curiosity about all things which are important to you, for it’s out of such exercises that you will find new dreams to pursue!

The times in which we live furnish to every human much more than any other age “to dream the impossible dream!” Those who believe in  God, most especially, know in advance that “with God all things are possible” and, thus, with confidence in Him, and dependence on Him, they dare to dream big!

Only uncreative and negative individuals tend to approach any dream with a defeatist outlook. They fail to recognize inherent possibilities, significant consequences, and to allow a dream to flourish and bear its equivalent fruit.
Likewise, the few who are never fearful to dream big, see the corresponding results of their boldness and equivalent efforts of mind, heart, soul and body. It’s only when one employs the total self toward the fulfillment of a dream, that such dream is not merely realized but often transcended!

In one of his writings, the late Sir John Marks Templeton had correctly concluded that “we alone have control of our thoughts, though many of us have forgotten how to exercise that control.”
The same applies to our dreams. And the control we all need to maintain is in keeping those dreams alive and well, never stagnant, but proceeding to genuine fulfillment! Positive, realistic dreams will never become nightmares. Properly nourished, and kept alive at all costs, they can become solid realties from which many benefit!

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