Creating Positive Memories!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Every human being is either blessed or depressed by the memories accumulated in one’s mind. I suggest that for the unpleasant memories of the distant or more recent past, you attempt to delete them altogether. You can avoid rehashing what serves you no good purpose except to increase your misery and distress. Just discard them, the sooner the better!

On the other hand, in every human heart there are also pleasant recollections of previous experiences, which can continue to offer encouragement and motivation for today. Give attention to these and see how they can keep you dreaming about a possible repetition of those positive remembrances, or even surpassing them in the present!

In addition, I have a positive proposal: Create new memories, keep them alive, and allow them to influence your days ahead with the lessons they convey and the models they provide. Good things can and should be repeated many times; only what is ugly and unpleasant should be removed from one’s considerations and agenda.

If you are to create positive memories, you are to be at the “driver’s seat,” so to speak. The initiative must come from you, and the creativity of what you produce must also originate in your mind and heart.

This may relate to your children growing up and the cheers that characterized their development, the places you went, the adventures you shared together, the photos you took, the videos you recorded, besides other special events of their personal growth whose details can be perpetuated in your memory.

Don’t forget also the good things which happened to you at any stage of your maturing, which you don’t desire to forget, as well as other kind gestures extended toward you in the course of your past years. Allow these recollections to become a tonic for your continuing years on earth!

You can be stimulated today by your past successes, and those particular moments you experienced which brought you unique joys and life-impacting thrills!

These and similar memories are worth guarding permanently for their continuing benefits, and the fact they also offer you motivation and models to create new ones which you will wish to perpetuate as long as you live!

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