$3.025B Revenue Collection Begins Early

Constitutional Tax Collector Anne M. Gannon announces that her office is accepting 2013 property tax payments early.

 “I’m pleased to announce that this is the first time in anyone’s memory the office has accepted property tax payments early,” Gannon said.  “Our employees organized a terrific team effort and worked diligently in preparing for the 2013 tax season.  They finished ahead of schedule.”

DBT Taxes 2The official 2013 Property Tax Season starts Nov. 1.  Gannon’s office mails 686,556 property tax bills, representing total tax revenue of $3.025 billion which is up $60 million over last year.  The ad valorem tax, calculated by the Property Appraiser, represents $2.7 billion in property values.  The non-ad valorem tax makes up the balance of $320 million.

The five cities in Palm Beach County that pay the most in property taxes are West Palm Beach ($69.7 million), Boca Raton ($59.1 million), Delray Beach ($47.3 million), Palm Beach Gardens ($47 million) and Town of Palm Beach ($41 million). DBT Taxes

Palm Beach County’s top 2013 taxpayers by the amount of taxes billed are:

  1. Florida Power & Light Company                                $76,320,222.41
  2. Town Center at Boca Raton Trust                              $  7,142,931.02
  3. Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.                       $  5,753,841.39
  4. US Sugar Corporation                                                     $  5,125,974.09
  5. Garden Venture LLC (PGA Mall)                                 $  4,740,004.13
  6. Breakers Palm Beach Inc.                                              $  4,328,181.17
  7. Okeelanta Corporation                                                    $  3,442,570.05
  8. Comcast of Florida                                                            $  3,376,057.38
  9. Panthers BRHC LTD (Boca Resort Hotel & Club)   $  3,360,136.54
  10. TJ Palm Beach Assoc. LTD Ptnrs (Wellington Mall)    $ 2,960,821.12

Florida Statutes, Chapter 197.162, provides discounts for early payments as follows:

  • 4 percent  in November
  • 3 percent in December
  • 2 percent in January
  • 1 percent  in February
  • March payments receive no discount

Payments received after close of business Monday, March 31, 2014 are delinquent.  Penalties and fees apply to delinquent taxes.

Approximately eighty percent of all payments are received in November.

Gannon encourages online payments.  “It’s easy and our online payment center is open 24/7,” said Gannon.  “The best benefit of paying online is zero wait time.”

Property owners can ePay taxes at www.pbctax.com. For those new to the agency’s ePay website, they can check out the “Property Tax Help” features.  There is even a list of the Top 10 Mistakes to avoid when paying taxes online.


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