NBA betting tips: who is looking like a good bet for the coming season?

The 2013/14 season of the NBA Championship is due to start in around two months time, but the basketball betting on it has already started. In particular, people are putting down bets on which team they think will win the title next season. This kind of outright bet is always popular with sports betting fans, but it is also quite risky before the season has started. This is because at least one of the favourites usually fails to deliver once the action is underway. That isn’t likely to stop anyone though, so what teams could represent a good gamble for the title this year?

Well unsurprisingly the defending champions the Miami Heat are once again the firm favourites, and some of the bookies are putting them at just 2/1 to hold on to their crown. At these odds, and with the likes of LeBron James and Chris Bosh in their line-up, the Heat will certainly attract a lot of the bets – but not every punter wants to bet on the favourites. Other sides that could be worth consideration include Oklahoma City Thunder at 13/2, San Antonio Spurs at 12/1 and Chicago Bulls at 14/1. There is always the option of waiting to see how each side performs when the season starts, as casino games like Slam Dunk are there as a handy alternative.

This basketball slots game has five reels and nine pay lines, which is pretty standard, but these are the only run of the mill elements to Slam Dunk, which can be found at Instead of regular fruit icons on the reels, you get the likes of basketball players, sneakers, cheerleaders and basketballs – as well as a number 23 jersey as the wild icon. All NBA fans will know this as Michael Jordan’s number, and here it increases the payout chances by filling in for any missing icons needed to complete your winning reel. All this goes to make Slam Dunk a game that lives up to its name for anyone who gets a kick out of basketball and gambling.


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