Stop Making Excuses!

Dr.SynesioBy: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

It’s very easy for anyone to make excuses; what can be difficult is to justify all the excuses. Some are legitimate and can be reasonably defended; their majority, however, is simply made to save face and exonerate one of any responsibility!

Honesty is becoming less and less a factor in human interactions and relationships and one of the ways its absence is noticed, is precisely in the kind excuses that people offer. Society, unfortunately, increasingly suffers on that account!

Many persons don’t take personal responsibility seriously enough. At least, they define differently what they consider to be responsibility and what not. They take a very casual view of what society in general still acknowledges regarding responsibility, based on the dictionary’s definition of that word.

There are also those who easily find defenders of one’s inability to keep commitments, and to act responsibly on other issues. I’ve heard an unforgettable excuse made on behalf of somebody else, to the effect that “he is wired differently” and this explains why he acts in this or that way, according to that faulty assessment!

Excuses can be fully justifiable in several situations, if based on reality and responsibility. It remains a reasonable recourse for the healthy functioning of individuals in society. That’s why its abuses are never received favorably, especially when truth is being unnecessarily sacrificed and violated!

By saying “stop making excuses” I’m not trying to eliminate this possibility from human interactions but simply addressing the masking of truth which most frequently is what animates the offer of those kinds of excuses.

Be courageous at all times, regardless of the consequences. The only valid excuse is the one that is made truthfully. Those who act in this fashion will retain their reputation even if some disappointment may also occur on the part of those affected by the excuse. People are ready to forgive as they realize that nobody is perfect.

Inventing an unjustifiable excuse, based on distortions of the truth, not only leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth, but causes one’s credibility to suffer damage – sometimes irremediable! You don’t desire that, do you?



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